Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Readers' Workout ~ a merry month of movement

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Joy wrote this morning:
"How was your November?  What are you planning for December?  Do you expect it to be easier or more difficult than most months for exercise?"
Last week, I was on my own.  Yesterday, I went to my exercise class only to discover it was cancelled, again.  Since people were slipping and sliding in St. Louis because of ice on the roads — and on the sidewalks and on the cars — I could understand that.  In my case, since the exercise class meets on the ground floor of my high-rise senior living center, it's only an elevator ride away.  A few older adults from the neighborhood attend, but most of us live in the building.  So I went, prepared to lead the group myself, if our fearless leader couldn't make it.  Our teacher sometimes goes around the circle, having each of us pick the next routine, whether squats or stretching our exercise bands or whatever.  We could do it!  Yes!

Nope!  I arrived to find a dark room.  No one else was there.  I waited around a bit, and one other woman showed up.  I told her we could do our own exercise routine, but she said she wasn't feeling up to it, and we ended up in my apartment, talking.  Maybe I'll have to work it out with the office that we would be willing to be self-taught next time, if no leader shows up.

Today, Joy called December "A Merry Month of Movement."  I'll try to make it exactly that — even if I must do it on my own.


Joy said...

That's a good attitude! There's no reason not to have a few people exercising together in the space, with or without a teacher.

Joy's Book Blog

Bonnie Jacobs said...

My thoughts exactly, Joy!

Vicki said...

It's great that you live in a place where there's an exercise class. I live out in the country (my husband is to blame)and have nobody to exercise with.

I love the fact that you wanted to exercise anyway, and think it's sad that the other lady didn't.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Me, too, Vicki. But I can always exercise alone in my apartment. The other woman's husband is very ill, so she's been having a hard time focusing on herself and her need to do things like exercising. It was good that she got herself to the class, even if it didn't meet.