Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Readers' Workouts ~ third week

Readers' Workouts for October 28, 2014
On Friday, I put in a couple of extra hours walking after my one-hour exercise class when Joy of Joy's Book Blog showed me around the Missouri Botanical Gardens.  Joy, how long was our "long walk at the Missouri Botanical Garden" on Friday?  How many minutes did you generate during our walk?  I'm sure I went a lot slower than you usually would, but I do so appreciate the tour and getting to meet you.  I didn't take a picture during my class, but here's the architect's drawing of the exercise center.  We had only ten of us on Friday, but nearly twenty the week before.  By the way, I live in a senior center, and my exercise class includes people with walkers and at least one in a wheelchair.  We do gentle exercises twice a week, for one hour each time.

Joy also mentioned our visit to the Missouri Botanical Garden.  Thanks, Joy.

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Joy said...

Bonnie, we walked for over 90 minutes. I didn't count them all in my exercise since we were going slower than my normal exercise pace. It sure was a terrific day!