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Sunday Salon ~ a valedictorian in the family

Dreams and Dreaming (Mysteries of the Unknown) ~ by the Editors of Time-Life Books, 1990

So far, the most interesting part of this book, which I'm reading right now, has been about Jung and Freud and their disagreement about dreams.  There is a double-page spread showing five of Carl Jung's images from his Red Book, including the one here (page 71):

In the vision that inspired this painting, Jung saw the Hindu god Brahma in serpent form, with the tree of life sprouting from its mouth.  Unlike Freud, Jung recognized that other cultures, particularly Chinese and Indian, contributed to his theories, and he believed Brahma was "the star of the East, ... the stag from the forest, ... the end and the beginning."


Do you remember my assistant book reviewer back in 2007 and 2008?  Cady, my youngest grandchild, reviewed such books as Kersplatypus, Goldie, and Other Goose.  My favorite among her reviews, though, was And Tango Makes Three, which was banned for "anti-family, homosexuality, unsuited to age group."  Click on the book titles to see Cady's thoughts and a photo of young Cady with the Tango review.

And now the exciting news:  Cady will be co-valedictorian at Soddy Daisy Middle School's 8th grade graduation on Tuesday.  The photo shows Cady and her project (done with three other students) on Academic Night at Soddy Daisy Middle School last Thursday evening.  Congratulations to my smart granddaughter, Cady, who also got awards at her 5th grade graduation.

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Joy said...

Congrats to Cady! I'm sure her love of reading contributes to her accomplishments!

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