Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Header photos on RevGalBlogPals ~ my favorites

Martha Spong @ RevGalBlogPals wrote:
"Have you enjoyed the random headers photos on our new blog? Have a favorite among them? For tomorrow’s Wednesday Festival, tell us your favorite and what you love about it."
As her example, Martha chose the very header that's my favorite, the photo I posted above.  As one who was ordained in the 1980s, when women were even less welcome in many pulpits than now, I noticed that not only is the pastor a woman, but all the children gathered around her are girls.  I also took note of the RevGal's dangly earrings, which one of my seminary colleagues always wore.  That didn't go over well with her first congregation, though, and she left the ministry within a year or two.

My second favorite header shows one of the RevGals blessing the animals.  That dog is so very attentive!  I can tell she loves animals.

See favorites chosen by other RevGals by clicking this link, once the list has been posted on Wednesday.


Amy+ said...

Great play Bonnie - I hate how those insidious little messages about being too feminine (dangly earrings, open toed shoes, sparkly polish) get in the way of people's perceptions of us.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

I forgot to update the link in the last sentence of this post, back in 2013, but I've done it now. Here it is again, just in case: