Saturday, March 2, 2013

Kiki Caturday ~ whiskers

On Liz Curtis Higgs's website:  "If you want to make Liz a happy woman, ask about her cat, Jack."  Here's a picture of him.  So I went to Nashville this week prepared to ask her about Jack, but didn't think about it the whole time I was there!  It was a busy few hours, taping a Bible study together and changing clothes between shoots so (I suppose) it would appear that we studied over an extended time together — and to make the videos more visually pleasing.


A cat's whiskers are so sensitive,
she can find her way through the
narrowest crack in a broken heart.

It's been nine months since Kiki died, and I still miss her — a lot.


Emily said...

sigh I understand. I wish all the cats I have ever had could visit me someday in a wide open space where they could romp and play together and then all sit on a blanker wth me for some petting and purring.

Bookfool said...

Know the feeling. We still miss Sunshine and Spooky, even though we have our two lovely little hellions to keep us laughing.